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Computer vizual

Computer vizual Conținutul The research aimed to computer vizual the hand computer vizual time to visual stimulus depending on laterality, by using the computer-gaming test. The computer technology can be applied to improve the reaction time of both dominant and non-dominant segment.

The study was carried out on Octoberwhen the students took the computer-gaming test of humanbenchmark in order to evaluate the reaction time to frontal visual stimuli.

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The testing was carried out with both right and left hand. The females' results were statistically significant.

Îmbunătățirea vederii instantanee

The correlation was strong for both groups. The research results reveal that the left hand has a computer vizual simple reaction time to frontal visual stimuls as opposed to the right hand, by using the computer-gaming test.

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The males group registered superior values as compared to the females group, for both executions. The study results show significant statistical differences and a strong correlation between the execution time of the right and left hand, in favour of the left hand which computer vizual superior results.

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In functie de cauza, vertijul poate fi: Fiziologic — apare in timpul unor miscari neobisnuite ale capului sau din cauza unor tulburari vizuale, cum este in cazul raului de mare, al raului de inaltime sau al vertijului vizual. Patologic — apare din cauza unor leziuni periferice ale urechii interne care ne da informatii legate de pozitia noastra in spatiuale nervului VIII care asigura transmiterea la creier a senzatiilor de postura receptionate la nivelul urechii interne sau de leziuni ale sistemului nervos central. Ocazional este descris si vertijul psihogen.

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